Stash of shame…

Okay, things have been getting out of hand.  I appear to have accumulated a shitload of fabric.  You know you have too much when the stuff you are storing under the bed is actually pushing the mattress up in the middle. It’s got so bad I shake when I photograph it.  For example:

This… 3 stash

This…1 stash

This lot…5 stash

Not to mention the UFOs…0  stash

and here…4 stash

Then there’s the patterns….

I do not have a dedicated sewing room,  just a corner of the kitchen.  My stuff is taking over the house.  Before we went away for Christmas we lost the cat for three hours, only to find he had been sleeping the whole time between rolls of fabric.

I need to take action. I am therefore resurrecting this blog in order to document my efforts at sewing through my stash. I do not need any new fabric (hopefully if I keep repeating that then I will start to believe it).  I also need to use some of the many patterns I own that I have never tried before I can justify getting any more.  This should, in theory, be a big motivator.  I have a list that runs to about three pages of patterns I absolutely, definitely must have, along with the new fabric that will be perfect with them.  I am going to try and resist buying anything until I have completed at least, let’s say five items from existing patterns and fabric. That should be manageable, shouldn’t it?

Right, so let’s get down to it.  For my first project of 2013, let me present to you….6 stash

4 thoughts on “Stash of shame…

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Cheers, good to be back! I thought of you the other day when I was lusting after some leopard print jersey. I think I may already have a little something in the stash so I can contribute to Jungle January – watch this space…

  1. ooobop!

    Ditto prttynpnks comment…. really lovely to see you again! And thanks for sharing this. So reassuring. I don’t have the luxury of designated space either. Can totally relate to cats nesting inbetween rolls and …lol… I love your stash down the side of the chest of drawers… genius!!

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Cheers Janene, and great to hear from you too. I don’t think my husband would agree with you about my stash down the side of the chest of drawers, he’s a neat freak so god knows why he married me.


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