Finished (just about) – Tiramisu wearable muslin and face ache


I’m not modelling this because I had dental surgery today.  My face is swollen. I look like a Jim Henson puppet and it hurts to smile.  I will try and get some pics of me wearing it when I am in a better mood, but I wanted to post because I am soooooo impressed with this pattern.  This is seriously the first pattern that has ever fitted me perfectly as is, straight out the packet with no alterations.  I have a sack load of me-mades that I keep meaning to try and alter to get a better fit. Like most women I am not exactly the shape the majority of manufacturers had in mind when they produced their patterns.  I have a narrow back and shoulders, largish bust for my frame, wildly fluctuating waistline and pearish hips.  Despite this I have been very lazy and only recently started making muslins (toiles?).  If I’m honest I have only really started now because a) it is a damn good way to get through the crappy stuff in my stash quickly, meaning I can then justify buying more fabric, and b) if I am going to use the lovely stuff I have been hoarding because I am scared I’ll screw up and waste it I want to make things that I will actually wear.  The fabric I used here is a very synthetic knit I got off ebay for next to nothing – look how dodgy the print is at the bottom.  I haven’t hemmed this yet so i will probably just chop that bit off and make it a bit shorter – I’m only 5 foot 2 so I always end up chopping stuff down anyway.  Right – off to try and unwind.  Anyone ever tried drinking coffee through a straw?

2 thoughts on “Finished (just about) – Tiramisu wearable muslin and face ache

  1. sewbusylizzy

    Had a huge giggle about your reasoning to make muslins – to get rid of crappy fabrics so you can buy more nice fabrics!
    I’ve got Tiramisu… just struggling to find the right fabric for it! Yours looks lovely.

  2. The Amazing Taracat Post author

    Cheers! Can’t wait to see yours when you do get round to it. Just been admiring your Pendrell. I wish I could find some leopard print in my stash – you are making me want to give up my resolution already!


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