Tiramisu No 2 – or ‘Look! No Norks!’

Excuse the crappy photos – someone stole the SD card from my camera. My money is on the little ginger one, or it could be the honey monster. Anyway, I had to use my phone which is not great.

Well here it is, my first attempt at Tiramisu.


As a teenager I was quite happy to wander down to the local shops wearing nothing but ripped Levi’s, Wonderbra, DMs and a smile. If it was cold I’d wear a crop top (just) over the Wonderbra.  This was the era of Madonna and underwear as outerwear, and if you had it, why not flaunt it?  And at least it drew attention from my spots, wonky teeth and the fact that I went bright red and sweaty any time anyone actually tried to speak to me.

Fast forward twenty (ish) years and I’m pleased to announce that age, experience and a good dentist have given me enough confidence to no longer need to hide my personality behind acres of boobage.  Not that I don’t occasionally get the puppies out for special occasions, but in my line of work an unintentional flash could have catastrophic consequences.  As a short arse I often find bought garments that look gorgeous on my taller friends hang just that little bit too low for decency on me. I leave the house thinking I look great, only finding the top heading southwards throughout the day.  However I do find that high necklines can look a little bit frumpy on me, and who wants to look like a frump?

Cue Tiramisu. Look!  I can move! No norks!

IMG_0472Leaning forwards – no norks!

IMG_0474Sideways – still no norks!

IMG_0475And leaning back – nothing!  (Not too far, mind, I’m not a gymnast and I don’t want to spill my gin and tonic.)

The only time I had any slight gaping was lying on my back trying to type and drink at the same time.  It is unlikely I will ever be doing that in public, so not a problem.

I made a 30D and it came together really easily.  The only slight hiccups were when it came to attaching the front bodice to the waist band, but Steph has addressed these issues here.  I sort of wish I had waited for the Sewalong before steaming ahead, but this is a pattern  will definitely be coming back to, so any more problems and I can always refer back to it.  In fact I am so impressed with Tiramisu that I have completed my second, using some slippery synthetic floral stuff I got in the same bundle as this fabric, from a lovely woman selling her stash on ebay.

IMG_0488 IMG_0487

It is such a quick pattern to sew, totally appealing to my need for instant gratification. With the second I actually cut the back bodice, front and back skirt pieces on the fold, making it even quicker to knock together.  And as soon as I have made enough stuff to justify buying more patterns, Pavlova is at the top of my list.

5 thoughts on “Tiramisu No 2 – or ‘Look! No Norks!’

  1. ooobop!

    What a couple of divine dresses. You look Amaaarrrzing!!!! I seriously would not have put that as the dress on the packet. I love both the fabrics you have chosen but really wish you hadn’t have tempted me into buying another pattern!!!

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Go on, do it. Just buy one little pattern, what harm can it do? It would look fabulous on you. I love being a bad influence, it makes it so much easier to justify my own behaviour 🙂

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