Stashbusting Officially.

Two posts I read recently caught my eye.  Firstly there was Cations’ Stashbusting Sewalong.  I am a longtime lurker on her blog, but this challenge was so close to my own intentions that I had to sign up.

And then I read this piece over at Male Pattern Boldness, on Jumping the shark.  I obviously lead a sheltered life because this is not a phrase with which I am familiar, but what he described, basically making resolutions with no hope of keeping them – well it’s me.  Self Stitched September – Fail.  Me Made May – Fail.  Sew Colette – Fail.  Sew Weekly – well I managed twenty challenges, but it’s still not sewing weekly, is it. And as for the pledges not to add to my stash, well this is how that one worked out:


I have no idea why I got most of this.  The blue and yellow florals are gifts from a friend who was sorting her own stash.  There is about five metres of the black and white stuff – something vintage and full skirted maybe?  The lace print knit could do another Tiramisu, or maybe I should be trying another pattern from my collection.  The bird print silk was a gift – I am terrified of silk but I need to overcome that. And the stripey pink stuff was from my grandmother’s stash – it has little silver threads in and looks much better in real life.

Then there is this lot –


Snake effect PVC anyone? There are a couple of duvet covers here, some Minnie Mouse shiney spotty stuff (no idea what I had in mind,) and the emerald green shiny really is from the sixties. I would love to use it for Gertie’s bombshell dress but there is only about a metre and a half.  This is only a fraction of what I have been hoarding.

And as for patterns, you would have though that this lot would be enough to choose from without needing to buy more?





Again, there are more where these came from.

I have carefully considered all of this and what the Hell, I am still going to give it a go. I am convinced that part of my failure was due to my lack of experience.  I am self taught from the interweb and have been doing this for less than two years.  Did I really think I would spend the whole of May rotating the same three wearable dresses and tops? And was I seriously going to be able to sew a garment a week, hold down a full time job and raise a young family? Taking all of this into account I have made the following pledge:

‘I, Taracat,commit to using at least 12 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. I also commit to not buying any new fabric or patterns until I have used at least six pieces of fabric and four new patterns from my stash.’

I am counting my two Tiramisus, after all I made them this year, and I have a couple of other things on the go.  And this will be the year that I finally get round to making that bombshell dress.  Actually this is starting to look almost do-able.

(Touch Wood)

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