My first Macaron, and a shameful lack of ironing.


I know I’m late to the Macaron party.  I bought the pattern with every intention of joining in the Sew Colette 2 Sewalong with Erin, Rochelle and Sarah.  Sadly work commitments meant it wasn’t to be.  However, when I read that the January stashbusting challenge is to use bits that are less than a yard, this was the pattern I thought of.  I know it says the contrast fabric needs to be about 1 1/4 yards.  I usually find when I am making Colette patterns that I don’t use as much fabric as they say, and luckily that was the case here as I had way less.

I have had this cotton tattoo print fabric since 2011, when I started trying to sew.  I used it to make a dress for my then five year old daughter and had about three quarters of a yard left, plus some scraps. At one point I tried to make a shirt from it but there wasn’t enough  It’s kind of a cheesy print but I love the little blue and red butterflies and roses.


I cut a two at the shoulders, grading up to a six at the bust and an eight at the waist and hips in an attempt to avoid faffing around with an FBA.  I think I got away with it, although I don’t like the fact that these measurements make me sound like a pyramid.  If anything I think this dress is a little too big, but not so much that it’s unwearable.  It’s not perfect but there is loads I love.  The sleeves, the pockets, the fact that it is quite modest but not matronly… The only bit that I’m really not happy with is where the centre yoke attaches to the bodice. I did actually make a muslin of the bodice and it came out perfectly, which obviously gave me false confidence cos in the real thing I totally cocked it up.  It probably isn’t noticeable to someone who doesn’t sew, and I don’t know anyone in real life who does so I reckon I can get away with it if no-one tells on me. And I apologise for not ironing it.  Time is at a premium here. The only chance I had to take pictures was after putting the kids to bed and before the husband got home (and started taking the piss out of my attempts to be photogenic), and I had been wearing it all day.


Noticing the wrinkles, and deciding whether to get out the iron.

P1200499Do they show if I put my hands in the pockets?

P1200498How about hands in pockets and moving? No, I need something to distract from my lack of ironing.

P1200494Look! No Hands!

P1200495Long John Silver Stylee?


The Flamingo pose?

Okay, as you can see I’m still getting to grips with my camera.  Whatever.  Three more stash items busted – the tattoo print cotton, the black cotton poplin (still have a couple of metres left of this) and my Macaron pattern.  And a comfy practical dress with pockets that I can get away with wearing for work. I call that a success.

2 thoughts on “My first Macaron, and a shameful lack of ironing.

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