Jungle January – Phewww! Just in time!

Beware!  This woman is an enabler.  I was forced, against my will to break my New Year’s resolution after a mere 30 days.  Actually that’s pretty good going for me.  And if I paid by credit card then I’m not actually ‘buying’ anything as such until I pay the card off, am I.

Anyway, it’s Jungle January (Yeay!) and there was no way I was going to miss out because of one silly little New Year’s resolution.  I love animal print.  In my youth my flatmate and I decorated our whole flat in the stuff.  Admittedly I did um and ah for quite a while before ordering fabric – a cotton twill with a bit of stretch from ebay.  It arrived yesterday, so I washed it then had to wait for it to dry.  Tonight I rushed home from work, fed my children beans on toast for dinner (all the food groups represented, what’s the problem?)  then packed them off for an early night so I could knock this beauty together.

P1200594 aI used Gertie’s pencil skirt pattern from her book and cut a size 8.  Because of the stretch I think I could do with taking the side seams in a bit more. P1200592 bBecause of this I haven’t hemmed it yet.  So I’m afraid it isn’t actually finished, but I ran out of time to take photos.

P1200597 cOne more to show its delicious leopard-y-ness. It may not be finished but I definitely sewed Jungle in January. And I think there may be enough left for a dress…

12 thoughts on “Jungle January – Phewww! Just in time!

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