Can you tell what it is yet Rolf ?

New pattern, but I persuaded my husband to reimburse me, so technically I didn’t buy it.  IMG_0521

Yes, they are Tesco’s economy beans (just in case anyone at Tesco’s wants to pay me for advertising)

IMG_0523I’ve had the fabric forever, so it’s stash busting….


And I’ve even done french seams! Like a proper sewist!

Now if someone (anyone?) will just take my children off my hands for a few hours I may actually get to finish it.


5 thoughts on “Can you tell what it is yet Rolf ?

  1. ooobop!

    Ooo… a Tilly blouse. Love the fabric. How about taking the kids to find a new DVD from a charity shop. Couple of quid could buy you a couple of hours! 😉

  2. The Amazing Taracat Post author

    If only it was that easy – unfortunately my girls need a referee even when watching DVDs. The combination of an over sensitive seven year old with a teenage attitude, plus a fearless three year old who thinks she is a cage fighter does not make for a quiet life. Thanks for the suggestion though, it would definitely work for normal children 🙂

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Thank you! That is so cool! I’ve never seen that show, I don’t think it’s made it over here to the UK yet, but you’re right, I think it is the same fabric. You’ve inspired me to get going with it so I can make it look as nice as that one.


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