I Won!

I love getting stuff in the post.  I think this partly explains my addiction to buying fabric off ebay, even though I have been disappointed in the past. So when I heard that I had  won my first giveaway I was super excited.  I got some very strange looks in the staffroom at work when I read the email from Diane at Marguerite Designs saying that I had won.

I feel like Diane and I have history.  In a very good way of course.  I first came across her work when we were both contributing to the Sew Weekly.  As a complete novice who barely knew one end of my sewing machine from the other I  was inspired by delicious creations such as this (from a duvet cover!), and this shirtdress.  Do go over to her blog and check out her work – not only does she sew, she also knits and paints.  Comments from Diane and the other Sew Weekly contributors encouraged me to keep going even though sometimes it seemed like I was getting worse at this sewing lark, not better. Then when Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes organised a pattern swap I was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous Vintage Vogue pattern v2960 –  from Diane.  My wearable muslin is here, which reminds me, I have another version of this on my to-do list for summer.

Anyway, this is what arrived yesterday morning:


IMG_0644 IMG_0645

How cool is this! I have great plans for the fabric, it is a gorgeous light cotton and Diane was thoughtful enough to include the original label so I know what I’m dealing with. The shell buttons are adorable, and the notebook is exactly what I need but my disorganised self would never have thought of buying. And who doesn’t need more pins and needles?  All packaged in this fabulous tin.  Thank you again Diane for your generosity and your excellent taste.

And believe it or not, I heard yesterday that I have won another excellent giveaway! Sewing bloggers truly are some of the most generous and kindest people.  Wait and see what else I won….

8 thoughts on “I Won!

  1. Helen

    There is nothing more exciting than getting a non-bill through the post. Even if you know exactly what it is. I’ve always lived that!

    Congratulations on 2 wins! I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Cation, so looking forward to receiving that (even tho I know what it is!). 🙂


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