How long for a Bombshell? Seriously…?

Curse that Gertie- she makes it look so easy.

I signed up for Gertie’s Bombshell dress class about, ooh…a hundred years ago. Okay, May last year, inspired mainly by Oona’s, Karen’s, and especially Adri H’s efforts.  I watched a few of the videos then real life got hectic and I put it on hold.  About six months ago I bought some fabric. Then with this year’s stashbusting pledge I decided it was now or never. I have a wedding to go to in April, I have a pattern, a class and fabric.  What was stopping me?  As it turns out – time. I knew I would have a few days to myself this half term when I’m not at work and the children are otherwise occupied. Perfect. Surely it wouldn’t take more than two, maybe three days max? I’d still have time to knock out another Mathilde, maybe even make those blinds that I’ve been promising the husband I’d make (YAWN).

How wrong could I be.  Now this is in no way a criticism of Gertie or the class, they are wonderful, inspirational. Or the pattern, which I knew from the beginning was for a B cup.  My frustration is totally down to my own impatience, attempts at cutting corners and generally trying to get too much done in too little time. It is me, all me, my fault. I hold my hands up to that. Okay. Exhibit A.

IMG_0702Which should really be exhibit B, as it is muslin number two. Number one, a 38 all over caused my children to double over laughing. I won’t repeat what they said, I have some dignity. Number two, a 42 on the front two pieces and the cups looked okay on the dress form.  There I was patting myself on the back at how clever I’d been.  On me it was a different matter. The centre piece stood well away from my chest and there was considerable, let’s just say overspill, at the sides.  It turns out that the bra I have on my dress form no longer fits. No idea why. (Thinks back to all the cake. Pizza. Pasta. Lager. Cider. Apple crumble….what the Hell, it was worth it.)

Okay, on to muslin number three. New well fitting bra on the dress form. Starting to get a bit boring now. Only redoing the cups. Skipped the thread tracing on them. Fortunately as well as re-watching Gertie’s tutorial and reading all the questions and answers I also read Katy’s tips for full bust adjustments on her blog – Sleek Silhouette.  Thank you Katy, you are an absolute star for sharing. Using first Gertie’s draping method then using Katy’s tips for extra adjustments.  Who would have thought that my cups are the same size as my head!

IMG_0707It’s better than number two.  I have pretty much eliminated the centre front problem.  However the cups are now a little wide, and pointy. The centre seams on the cups don’t match the seams on the bodice and the back is now too loose.


I have just cut out muslin number four.  I am getting so sick of that yellow fabric.  I have gone back to the thread tracing. Yes, Gertie was right, it is worth doing.  Tomorrow is my last full free day and I am prepared to miss meals to move this project on. If I could fit myself with a catheter I would. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have something a bit more impressive to show.

8 thoughts on “How long for a Bombshell? Seriously…?

  1. Katy

    I remember feeling exactly the same about the fitting and wondering if I should just give up! But you’re hard work is definitely paying off, it looks great. You should be proud! I can’t wait to see the progress of the dress. Also, I’m really chuffed you found the tips useful!

  2. Helen

    Gosh, I think this dress looks like such a commitment! I too am too scared to try (boning? really?), and I can’t believe Katy considers herself a beginner, yet has made this!

    Keep going! It’ll be worth it in the end! You *will* get there!

  3. GhoulieGaby

    I just signed up for this class after wanting to do so for aaaages… But I don’t know when I’ll be able to actually start on it, as I have other projects to do at the moment.. Ahh procrastination 😉

    That’s so funny that the cup fits on your head! Who knew, indeed?!

    Well, I hope you keep at it because I can’t wait to see what your final creation will look like!! 🙂

  4. tempestdevyne

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. I signed up and bought Gertie’s Bombshell class BEFORE I joined Sew Weekly….and still haven’t started it, things got in the way. Perhaps your finished dress will get me off my bum….when you finish 😉

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Hi Tempest, maybe we should have a race? Having said that i am no longer talking to my bombshell. She is doing my head in so I have put her aside for a while. So maybe it will be your finished dress that inspires me to pick mine up again?

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