I’m on the map – are you?

You probably already know about this but I’m passing it on in case anyone missed it.  Ever felt like you are the only one in real life who is doing this? I know that one of the reasons I started my blog is because I don’t know anyone in real life who sews. I have been accused in the past of being quite antisocial (or ‘on the spectrum’, according to certain friends) but even we introverts need a bit of human contact every now and then. And I just don’t get the required level of appreciation, support and conversation from my family. They try, bless ’em, but I can tell when their eyes start to glaze over and they glance over my shoulder looking for an escape route…

Anyway, Vicki from Another Sewing Scientist had the genius idea of putting together a world map of Sewintists. So now you can add yourself and see who else might be near by for meet ups/coffee/beers/general sewing chat of the kind our husbands tolerate but don’t really get. She also came up with the genius idea of calling us Sewintists, which is how I shall be referring to myself from now on.  I think it sounds so much cooler than seamstress.  It is easy to put yourself on the map -you can click on the picture above to go to the map but I recommend you go over to Vicki’s site here for clearer instructions than I would be able to give.  Go on, it is strangely exciting seeing how many of us there are and all the exotic places we are turning up.

While we’re on the theme of exotic places, my Giveaway prizes were posted at the beginning of the week and should be well on their way by now.  And while I’m reaching out I have decided to bite the bullet and get a Twitter account – I am @amazingtaracat . It may take me a while to figure out etiquette so apologies in advance for any faux pas.

10 thoughts on “I’m on the map – are you?

  1. GhoulieGaby

    added myself… although I’m on the other side of the pond, apparantly 😉

    Not to sound spammy or anything, but a friend and I are actually trying to start a website for sewing communities/meetups, so maybe you’d like to check it out? There’s not much on it at the moment, and only a couple of members, but we hope it picks up! http://www.unitedfashionsewers.com


  2. Helen

    I’m on there too. And already now following a few other locals I didn’t know about before! What a genius idea, isn’t it!

    Also now following you on Twitter (although to be honest, with all the blogs I follow, I barely have time to keep up with Twitter too! Is it possible to have social media stress?)

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Hi! Still getting to grips with Twitter but I think I’ve followed you too. I think it’s definitely possible to have social media stress – I had a day off while I did real actual real life socialising this weekend! Now I’m panicking that I’ve missed something and need to catch up.


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