So many plans, so little time and zero will power when it comes to new patterns.


So I have been trying to sew but those inconsiderate people at work keep demanding my time to do the job that I am paid for. They have no sense of priorities, clearly.  Anyway, for the last week I have been trying to finish my next Mathilde.  It is soooo close, so hopefully I can finish it tonight and get some photos up this week.

I am suddenly aware that we are well into March and I have things to do.  March is the month for the Stashbusting Seasonal Change challenge.  I have also quietly signed up to Rochelle’s Sew for Victory Challenge. I haven’t made to much of a song and dance about this because I wasn’t sure if I would actually finish by the deadline, but I love the whole forties look, and her blog – Lucky Lucille, and I have fabric and patterns in my stash already so I don’t really have any excuse not to.

Likewise Julia’s Mad Men II challenge. I lurked last time, lusted over everyone else’s creations but work got in the way and I didn’t even get round to finishing my Sew Weekly Mad Men dress. Of course this means I already have a Mad Men UFO. This one doesn’t need to be done until the middle of April so I should be able to do it this time round, shouldn’t I?

I really wasn’t going to do the Elisalex Sewalong. I have already broken my no new patterns pledge with Mathilde but yesterday for some strange reason the postman knocked. And what did he bring? My oh my- a special delivery super quick from Sewbox!    I have no idea how it got here, honest guv…..And oh look, there’s Cambie in there too…..


On top of all this I am going to a wedding next month in Dubai. I was planning on wearing my bombshell dress but I have such loathing for it at the moment (long story, I may tell one day) that I know will definitely not get it finished in time.  So I need a Plan B.  I was also planning on making a maxi dress to wear out there, something like my favourite blue maxi dress that I made and talked about for a Sew Weekly challenge last year,  but in the bird print silk that I’ve been hoarding.

blue b

And maybe something else summery as well – I quite fancy a variation on Gertie’s sundress from her book. It’s also about time I jumped on the Cambie bandwagon.

There is no way I am going to get all of this done in by the end of March unless I pull a mega sicky from work and persuade someone to adopt my children for a month.  However I think I might just be able to combine a couple of these challenges.  A Stashbusting Seasonal Change Mad Men Elisalex Wedding Guest Dress with a Forties vibe maybe?  Is that cheating?  Or even possible?



5 thoughts on “So many plans, so little time and zero will power when it comes to new patterns.

  1. Helen

    That might be tricky to pull off! But if you can combine more than one challenge, I say go for it! I’m combining the Mad Men Challenge with the Elisalex sewalong (or will be if I ever find the right fabric!!!!), by making an Elisalotte!
    But surely you could definitely wear either the 40’s or the mad men dress to the wedding? In fact you might have the choice of 2!!!!
    Good luck anyway! x

  2. babygreens

    Another two patterns that I need to look at! Beautiful maxi dress, I imagine that would work perfectly in a bird print silk.

    Very cheeky unrelated ask – can you recommend any patterns for fullish busts on a medium frame that might not require FBAS please? I’m a C/D cup with just under 38inch bust but 35inch high bust and a 34/36 bra band size. I’d love to make dresses but am currently struggling with doing a muslin for a princess seamed 60s dress so may have over-extended myself. I’d love to make Danielle or the Elizabeth dress on Burdastyle but am wary of their sizing. Thank you, and happy Mothering Sunday 🙂

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Hi! Danielle was one of the first dresses I made, before I’d even heard of an FBA. I think I just added an inch or so to the sides of the bodice , but it is still very..busty?… As far as dress patterns go I can’t recommend Tiramisu by Sewing Cake highly enough. It is for knits but easy enough for beginners and Steph has done a step by step sew along on the website. Best of all it comes with different cup sizes. I normally wear a DD and the largest cup size fits me perfectly. The other one that immediately springs to mind if you are after princess seams is Elisalex, by By Hand London. I have just finished the bodice and by simply reducing the seam allowance over the bust I have managed to get a near perfect fit with very little stress. I think it may be my new favourite pattern (I’ll be writing about it as soon as it is finished). You could definitely get something like Elizabeth by using a different skirt – there are loads of examples of adaptations to this pattern on other people’s blogs. There is also a sew along on the By Hand London website this month. I hope this helps for now. When I get home I’ll have a think about other patterns I’ve used and get back to you.

      1. Kate

        Thank you Thank you! I am hugely tempted by Elisalex it must be said, and also by the Pavlova skirt. I do like Tiramisu but knits scare me slightly…

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