(sewing for) Victory!

victory d

Butterick 5209, their repro 1947 pattern, finished in the nick of time!  I have Sewed for Victory!

I was originally going to use one of my proper vintage 40’s patterns. I have a lovely blouse pattern I wanted to make but I eventually decided it was too similar to the Mathilde that I had just finished.  I then cut out Butterick 5281. However a couple of days ago I realised I was running out of time and probably wouldn’t have time to stitch it all up from scratch. On to plan C…

I made first this pattern for the Sew Weekly 40’s challenge. I made the halter neck version, but shortly after I made a muslin of the bodice of the other view, with a back.  That was as far as I got. I was just about to give up on the Sewing for Victory challenge when I remembered this muslin.  I still had some of the fabric left to cut a skirt.  I stuck with the gathered waist but made it slimmer than the pattern required, I just think it looks more ’40’s’ that way.  It didn’t take much tweaking to add the lining and turn the muslin into a wearable dress. victory e

victory f

When I say ‘wearable’ what I really mean is ‘wearable if I stop eating for a couple of months’.  I have obviously put on a few pounds since I last made this.  Not to worry. I don’t know if I would wear this even if I could breathe in it. The fabric is actually really pretty but I don’t think the colours do anything for me. But I did it, which means I can also enter Rochelle’s fantastic Sewing for Victory give away.

victory b

Other news – I also had two Cambie’s to complete.  I am nearly there. I can do the straps before we leave then we have a long car journey today so I will try and use that time to hand sew the hems and the zippers.

victory c

Right, I’m off to finish packing.  Speak to you all in a week…

victory a


8 thoughts on “(sewing for) Victory!

  1. Helen

    The 40’s dress is really pretty and I think it looks lovely on you.

    LOVE that red anchor print fabric! And those bikinis! Where are they from? (Bikinis and fabric?)

    Have a lovely break!

  2. Katy

    I think its lovely! Its so flattering on you 🙂 congrats for getting it done. I love the fabric of the other two dresses too. Enjoy your break!

  3. Loran Watkins

    I have that pattern but haven’t seen it made up until now, I REALLY like it! Congrats for finishing a UFO : ) And where did you get those adorable swimsuits??


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