‘The’ London meet up

zHwGr0UCA9yjUfA-hkFIpewhxu_f1bu0OpMkdKHgSQIYes, I was there!  That’s me, the one in the stripey Elisalex and the stupid grin, not quite able to believe how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many cool people. And what can I say that hasn’t already been said by most of the other 40 or 50 sewists who attended? I could report that despite appearances I have conclusive evidence that certain sewing bloggers actually stamp on puppies, steal ice creams from children, torture kittens, shop lift from charity shops and elbow old ladies off the pavement into oncoming traffic. I’d be lying though. Sewists really are as lovely as everyone says.

There were so many great moments – being complimented on my new stripey Elisalex by Elisalex herself and Charlotte from By Hand London! Chatting to people I felt I’d known for years like I really had known them for years, despite having never spoken to them except via our comments boxes.  Lizzy’s dopey koala story.  The food.  I could go on and on and on. Despite nerves I had possibly the most fun you can have sober and fully clothed. To be honest I would have been happy just to sit back and people watch. Everyone looked so fabulous in their me made clothes.  It would probably seem a bit sad to anyone else but I found myself getting ridiculously excited at being able to identify Roisin’s (But it can’t be from Dolly Clackett…) Elisalex,  Amy’s (Sylkotwist)  Simplicity 2444 and Alison’s (Another little crafty creation) Cambie. And anyone who thinks that sewing is the domain of granny types should just check out the photos:

Dw9DVvaL4oLRtRbpwJjrbhtBL7yQR7c-9GTTJKLnTBcAmy (Almond Rock), Sally (Charity Shop Chic), Katy (Sleek Silhouette), and me.

xNsBZj51q3j6gXtirl-5Q-1SkoQPTB-ulG8u9fzDjjwKaty, Karen (Did You Make That), Sally, Amy and Jane (Handmade Jane)

ceT-ksjwEEP38nmu-heBOV_oQOwnPMyHnYU5aY7ji8EGuest of honour Lizzy (Sew Busy Lizzy) and our wonderful organiser Rachel (House of Pinheiro)

v-zlAHy6OtklYoZgdLge_q3RQCANVvS_78qx6-89krcitpEtWbVmz4AnmkeBhl3ikWTNsPJNdQ1X38adeeK2yYThank god for Digpal Singh, the amazing photographer organised by Rachel who took all of the above. There are more here. I did take some pictures but when I got home I found my SD card was playing up – I lost half of them and I can’t transfer the others on to my computer so I only have a couple from my iphone.

Goldhawk Road was amazing but I was a bit overwhelmed and bought a lot less than I thought I would. Which was probably for the best.  A few metres of black cotton lacey stuff. Eyelet? I am still a bit crap at identifying fabrics. I also got some sparkly denim (I know, but there is method in my madness).  A couple of metres of red twill for a blatant copycat Miette skirt and some turquoise and black wool suiting that Emma (Vintage Ink Fairy)  spotted in the remnant bin. We both got enough for a pencil skirt for a  fiver each!  I was almost tempted when I saw Katy’s  prints, and Amy found actually found horses.  I managed to hold back but only because it was chiffon which I am not quite ready to tackle.

We completely took over the Cedar Village  and the food was was fabulous. I love Lebanese and totally stuffed my face with bread, dips and the most fabulous salad.  It took me by surprise when we were then asked if we were ready for the next course!  Next course?!  I have no idea where I put it all, but it would have been criminal to waste it.



After lunch was the swap. I couldn’t believe how much people brought – I got several bits of fabric and a whole bunch of patterns and even as I left I was still being encouraged to take more.photo

This lot is just a sample of what I came away with. I’ve been after the Gertie Butterick one for ages and after seeing this version by Tanit Isis I am desperate to try it. I’ve also seen some great versions of the Lisette dress, and the vintage pattern is gorgeous.  A big thank you to whoever donated these patterns, you have made me very happy. The denim with the gingham trim and cherries is from the lovely Nicole (Nicole’s Needles) and I love it. At the moment I’m thinking Cambie, but I may change my mind.  The blue is from Amy (Almond Rock) – definitely a skirt.  Anyway thank you to both of you. The green wavy stripe stuff was actually in my goodie bag from Abakhan along with a selection of pretty blue buttons.  A maxi dress, maybe? They and Minerva crafts   very generously provided a whole load of freebies. I already get a lot of stuff from both of them so the goodie bags were much appreciated.

So thank you to Rachel and Janene (Oobop) for organising and being as lovely in real life as I’d hoped, and everyone else I met for being charming, friendly, interesting, stylish and generally all round fabulous. I met a whole bunch of amazing, talented people, had a damn good laugh, ate fantastic food, swapped some stuff and came away with some excellent goodies. Now I just need to sign up for the next one.

14 thoughts on “‘The’ London meet up

  1. Katy

    It was so great to meet you, It’s a shame I had to leave before the swap – it looks like there was a lot of wonderful stuff! I’m excited to see what you make 🙂

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