Escape to civilization- more meet up awesomeness.

This weekend we went camping. I like the outdoors. I love nature. However I also like my home comforts. Central heating, a hot bath, decent gin and tonic and I’m happy.  But it does do us good to rough it every once in a while and get back to nature, connect with the real world away from TV, phones, internet (do I sound convincing yet?).

I admit it took me a while to get into the swing of it. It’d been a hellish week at work and I had things to sew. Out in the woods I had no sewing machine, no access to my fabric. Plus no internet or phone due to crappy iphone battery life. I am obviously a sad technology addict because at first this made me jumpy.  And I chose this weekend to wean myself off my secret cigarette habit and back on to the nicotine gum.  However it’s pretty hard not to relax when you are surrounded by scenes like this:



IMG_1871It was lovely walking through the woods in the late evening sun and the look on my girl’s faces when two badgers crossed the path about two metres in front of us made me realise that we had done the right thing in getting away for a few days.  A few Desperados and a couple of cans of Kronenburg around the camp fire after they went to bed and I did start to get into it.

Freezing my arse off all night in the thinnest sleeping bag ever took the shine off the whole experience a little bit.  However I soon perked up.  The sun was shining and I’d had a large coffee, and by an amazing coincidence our campsite was just up the road from Brighton, where on that very day another sewing meet up was planned! And I just so happened to have with me a bag of fabric and patterns to swap.

We drove into Brighton where I ditched the family and walked up to the station to meet Claire, (Sew, incidentally) our amazing and highly efficient organiser, and Zora (Read all about it).

IMG_1875I think this is the only decent photo I got, Zora and Claire and the Brighton Pavillion.

We were a bit early so got a chance to browse some of the stalls and fabric shops on the way to All Bar One where we met up with Zoe , Stevie,  Jo and Rehanon. (Which reminds me – isn’t this  the hottest she hulk ever?)  This was a much smaller group than my first meet up in London, but while I loved being part of our massive mob in London it was also really nice to be able to sit with a smaller group and chat.  And once again I was totally blown away by how lovely, interesting and totally inspirational sewists are.  We had a delicious lunch then on to the swap. I have shamelessly stolen the picture below from Zora because I was chatting so much I forgot to take any,  so do head over to her blog here to see her other great pics.

brighton meet may 2013

I am ashamed to say that once again I left with way more than I brought.

IMG_1881Clockwise from top left: blue, pink and red cotton(?) from Zoe – after seeing Marie’s gorgeous floral Miette I’m wondering if there is enough here for one?
Floral cotton from Zora – Belladone? or I’ve just downloaded the new Billie Jean dress from Blue Ginger Doll? The purple, green black and white knit was also from Zora, and has been snapped up by my oldest daughter. Purple and green are her favourite colours and I think we’re going to make her a dress together.
Oldest child has also bagsied the purple knit which came from Stevie,  It didn’t originally grab me but it’s grown on me and now I’m thinking that I may want to use it myself so I may end up being evil mummy and keeping it. Or maybe we can both use it, there’s quite a lot there.
The pink and cream polka dot also came from Stevie, and again it’s a grower. I have a few ideas for this. It may end up as a Mathilde.
There are 4 metres of the dark blue that I got from Claire! It is sort of cottonish and shiney and I’m thinking this may be the perfect opportunity to try one of my vintage patterns that calls for way more fabric than I usually have.
Finally the black, also from Claire is woolly woven, slightly rough to the feel and will be perfect for work – a skirt or maybe another laurel.
I also got a little chalk marker thing with all sorts of extra features from Claire that I haven’t even had a chance to look at properly.

And I didn’t even make it to the shops! The family had spent all their money on the Pier and were itching to get back to nature so I said goodbye and headed back. Despite that I feel totally spoilt by my haul.  A big thank you to Claire for organising and to everyone for your amazing company.  I already have my train ticket for the Birmingham meet up.   Come along!

11 thoughts on “Escape to civilization- more meet up awesomeness.

  1. Maryall

    Love the nature pics! Looks like you’ve had a lovely time there, and at the meeting. I’d vote for a Belladone, if I could, as I am very curious on how you’ll personalize it 🙂 and I’m really close at buying that pattern!

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      I must admit I am veering towards Belladone, as that was the first pattern that came to mind when I saw the fabric. I’m a strong believer in going with your first instincts.

  2. sylkotwist

    Ooh the Belladone is gorgeous, you must do it! How clever to combine a family outdoorsy weekend with a bit of sewists loveliness! I am really tempted to come to Birmingham, fingers crossed I’ll be able to indulge myself!

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