May Stashbusting Tiramisu No. 3

P1210424Yes, it’s another Tiramisu. Number three, in fact. One and two were the first garments I blogged about after restarting this blog back in January and I think I raved about them then.  I love this pattern so much.  Despite them being less than perfect (my errors, nothing to do with the pattern) they have ended up being some of the most worn garments in my wardrobe. Me Made May confirmed this for me, and May is also knits month in Emily and Cindy’s Stash Busting Challenge, so to keep me going in the final days of the month I decided to make another.  I have had this lacey print knit fabric, some kind of cotton I think? in my stash since last year. It’s fairly thick and feels good quality and quite substantial with a nice weighty drape. I originally got it on Ebay but I can’t find a link. You can see the print better here:

P1210429The background colour is cream rather than white, which I  think makes it a little more flattering. Anyway it was the obvious choice for a Tiramisu.   I think I mentioned before that the sizing on this pattern is not the conventional sizing, based as it is on your high bust and cup size. This is genius. As before I cut a 30 D and it fits perfectly.


I used ready made stretch bias binding from Minerva Crafts, which saved me some time. All in all, after cutting it out it took about two hours to make, if that.  No major issues putting it together either, so quite a boring post I’m afraid.  So to make up for it you get to see me dance to Violent Femmes:


Wait for it……I’m working up to it – look, pockets!


No, I’m not picking my skirt out my butt, I’m dancing…


Tune!   And I may even remove my hands from my pockets in a minute. They are snuggly though….P1210457And off we go!  You can’t beat a bit of 80’s Alternative Rock 🙂

I wore this dress last week and it does everything it is supposed to. I was comfortable all day and was able to dress it up with heels to meet friends and down with boots for a walk on the beach. As soon as I get over my self imposed pattern and fabric buying ban I’m buying Pavlova and Hummingbird.  And have you seen the upcoming Red Velvet?   I need….

14 thoughts on “May Stashbusting Tiramisu No. 3

  1. babygreens

    That’s lovely, and what a great fabric choice! I really want to make the pink hummingbird with the flounce, it looks like such a nicely fitting skirt.

  2. Tabatha Tweedie

    So pretty! Ready made stretch bias binding? I had no idea such a thing existed, so thank you for alerting me to this! Love the dress, it’s on my to-do list this year. Really like your lacey print too.

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Cheers! I know – stretch bias binding is the best!I found out about it on Rachel House of Pinheiro’s Tiramisu post and had to get some. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it.

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Thank you. I love that it is so quick to make, and really versatile. In fact I’m having to force myself to make something else at the moment because I really want to make another in purple but four would be over the top. Wouldn’t it?

  3. Joanne

    What a great version. I picked up a similar patterned fabric a couple of years back, but only used it as accent, as it was quite expensive. I’m seriously thinking I need to get me this pattern!
    Which Violent Femmes song are you listening to? “When I’m out walking I strut my stuff and I’m so strung out…”

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  6. Oanh

    Have you got Pavlova and Hummingbird yet? If not, would you like mine? I have them but won’t ever see them up, I don’t think. Just not really my style. Email me if you would like them! I’m happy to post to you.


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