Spring Sewing Swap – Look what I got!

IMG_2024I can’t remember if I mentioned that I was taking part in the Spring Sewing Swap organised by Kestrel Makes. I had to sign up, I mean, who doesn’t love getting parcels of lovely sewing-ness in the post?

I was paired with the lovely Louise aka Tabatha Tweedie of Thread Carefully, and my God she did so well!  She totally got my tastes and I couldn’t have asked for a better parcel.

First up, as a bonus it was wrapped in a lovely piece of stripey fabric from her stash that I can easily get a top out of.  Next was this gorgeous card. It’s a bit out of focus I’m afraid.  Actually I was so excited I almost forgot to take pictures.

IMG_2027I’m not quite the Lady of a Hundred Dresses but I’m working on it.

And look at all the goodies I found when I unwrapped it!

IMG_2028Firstly a decent length of navy and white gingham. I have plans for this. Too many, actually so I need to get decisive.  My first thought was Cambie.  Then I remembered Louise’s own gorgeous renditions of Gertie’s Shirtwaist dress from her book. I absolutely love them but I think it might be a bit too creepy to make myself a looky-likey one. 

 I also love the various gingham Colette Macaron’s that I have seen about, especially the ones that have the yoke and waistband cut on the bias for contrast, like this one. And then there is this Vivienne Westwood Red Label dress that I pinned ages ago. Time to try again with the Gertie bombshell dress and make my own version of this?

Also included was some beautiful navy lace, gorgeous red and white gingham bias binding and tracing paper – how on earth did she know that I have just run out?  And my absolute favourite childhood sweet – Lovehearts!

And to top it all off look at these buttons – how gorgeous?!

IMG_2032I really need to find something special to use these on. My first though was another Mathilde, but then they’d be on the back so I wouldn’t be able to see them. Any ideas?

I love everything here and best of all I got to thank Louise in person at the Birmingham Meet up, which I’ll have to tell you about in my next post. So thank you again Louise, and thank you ever so much Kerry for organising.  You are both stars.

8 thoughts on “Spring Sewing Swap – Look what I got!

  1. Tabatha Tweedie

    Oh, you are so welcome! I loved shopping for you! I don’t mind if you make a Gertie Shirtwaist (although you might actually need more than 3m). I think your othesuggestions are good too, like the Macaron for example. x

  2. Helen

    Wow, what a package! Lucky you! I am seriously impressed by most people’s ability to get so much out of the budget. I really struggled. I don’t think I would have been able to give a decent length of fabric AND a couple of other things. Where did I go wrong in my shopping?


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