My Miette, and more twunting about on the beach…


It’s about time I blogged the skirt that I wore to the Brummie Meet up.  It is Miette, Tilly’s second pattern and it has been in my ‘to make’ queue for a long time, ever since I saw Marie’s gorgeous versions, as well as all the ones in Tilly’s makers gallery.  It took a while to find the right fabric so when I saw this embroidered denim in my local fabric shop a couple of weeks ago I persuaded myself I had to have it.  It has anchors! As you know I am a sucker for anything nautical and ended up paying a bit more than I usually would, but this turned out to be a good thing because it meant that I took a bit more care over this skirt.

Making Miette also coincided with the discovery of this little gadget in the box of bits that came with my second hand Bernina:


I believe it is supposed to be a blindstitch foot but it doesn’t half make topstitching easier.  Actually I got a bit carried away and top stitched almost everything – ignore the hole for the tie, it looks a bit crap close up but it’s not noticeable when worn.  I added ric rac because I could:


And check out these seam finishes:


Bloody gorgeous!

There is very little to add about the construction that hasn’t already been said. I did consult Tilly’s detailed photo instructions but even without them this skirt is piece of pish to put together.  No fastenings to faff about with, I think the most time consuming part was turning the ties right way out.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this to any beginners or a more experienced sewist looking for a quick satisying project.

So that’s the construction, but how does it stand up to being worn?  I was a bit concerned about the wrapping over. Would it stay wrapped, especially on a windy English beach?  I did not fancy prancing about in public thinking I look great only to find out that I had been flashing my kegs at all and sundry.  Well there was only one way to find out, and fingers crossed there weren’t too many people around to witness my twunting about with a camera and any possible wardrobe malfunctions.

As well as my camera and gorilla pod I also armed myself with Rachel House of Pinheiro’s top tips on posing.  This is me completely ignoring her advice to breathe. Note the slightly constipated expression.


….and exhale


From behind, with legs facing to the side to slim my torso.  But not my arse, apparently…


See, nothing to see here, folks.  I don’t seem to be flashing anyone yet, but there is only one way to really test it….


Ooops! I appear to have dropped something!

Conclusive proof that this garment is completely safe.  Despite being a wrap skirt you cannot see my buttocks even when bending over. (And I’m really looking forward to seeing the search terms that come up on my stats now 🙂 )


Time for a rest, and another of Rachel’s tips – position the slimmest or smallest parts of your body closer to the camera and the larger parts further away. My feet are very small, size three and a half, while my head is disproportionately large. But from this picture you would never guess.

So there you have it, my Miette Skirt. I love it. It has anchors, huge pockets, ric rac and no complicated fastenings. It held up well on the beach, kept me going through a drenching and a fabric scrum in Brum and has been worn quite a few times since then. And I also survived the photo shoot.  Thank you Rachel for your wonderful tips, I totally recommend them to all of you, especially if you make a bit more effort with them than I did.  I had a laugh but I think it may take a bit more work before I manage to look as gorgeous as Rachel does in photos.

20 thoughts on “My Miette, and more twunting about on the beach…

  1. Tilly

    LOVE!!! Nautical chic at its finest. Awesome posing too. But why not position your little finger in the foreground, surely that’s the the smallest part of your body? 😉

  2. Gjeometry

    Oooohhhhhh Gadgets…….(drools). That one looks like fun!! I’ve seen them before, also bias binding insertion ones that have a feed that looks similar to this one. I’ve wondered how they work. Did you find this useful enough to purchase if you didn’t already own it?

    And, I love your cute skirt! So nautical, it screams “I must go to the beach!!”

  3. sewlittletime

    wow – i love the fabric! whereever did you find it? and the ric rac is a fab finishing touch! i just discovered my machine came with one of those feet too and it’s really useful for topstitching and the like.

  4. Scruffybadger

    Love! This would be totally the skirt I’d make if I got around to it: denim, anchors and…..the killer ric rac! It’s fab and once again I feel an inspirational pressure occurring on what I *need to sew right now*. And have loved your commentary for your photo shoot. I will try to remember your hints and tips!

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Thank you! I totally blame you for my ric rac addiction, ever since I saw it on your blue spotty cambie. And I have to give Rachel all the credit for the posing tips I’m afraid.

  5. Sandra

    I really love the finishing of your skirt. I think you can top stitch away on denim and it would never look too much 🙂 Love the photo shoot commentary, good fun to read.

  6. Wendyp

    I never considered using that presser foot for topstitching, but it sounds like a great thing to do! I’ll definitely give it a try!
    Your skirt looks really great, I love all things nautical too, so I adore the fabric!

  7. zora read

    I loved the skirt when you wore it in Birmingham, and this post has reiterated that. I look forward to your posts, they always make me smile just what I need on the way to work. I laughed out load in the train waiting room this morning, I got some rather amused looks from the other passengers. Glad to see you are using the beach and ignoring the passers by.

  8. Lynne

    I’ve only just seen this because my bloglovin seemed to be ignoring your blog, and told me there were no new updates. The cheek!! 😉 Your skirt is gorgeous, I LOVE the fabric and the ric rac.


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