Sew Weekly Reunion with Simplicity 1612

IMG_2632I’m afraid my brain is not working at the moment so I apologise in advance if none of this makes sense. I meant to post this yesterday but a few things happened to completely throw me so I am behind on everything.  Nothing serious, and it turned out to be lots of fun but I am now feeling a bit frazzled.  Anyway, I completed a dress for the Sew Weekly Reunion:

I owe a lot to the Sew Weekly.  It was one of the first sewing blogs I discovered back in 2011 when I attempted to make my first dress.  It was also my introduction to the Sewing community. Before that I was happy to lurk on Burdastyle and a couple of other blogs I had discovered but the community on the Sew Weekly were so helpful and encouraging that I took what was a pretty big step for me at that time  and, shock horror, actually started communicating with people online. It didn’t take long before I was sewing along and I rapidly saw improvements. I was also encouraged, after talking to people on there, to set up the first short lived incarnation of this blog. So when I found out that the Sew weekly was having a reunion I immediately signed up.

The theme for this challenge was the Fall Pantone Colours.  Fortunately I already had stuff in my stash (of course, my stash is huge), and a pattern.  I got the fabric at the London Meet Up in April. Abakhan very generously donated loads of goodies and I got this mystery knit which happens to have four of the Pantone colours. I have no idea what it is as I can’t find it on their website but it is synthetic, soft, silky, possibly spandex with a lovely drape. I have no problem with synthetics for this kind of dress. I actually like the fact that it is fairly non-absorbent. It means that when made up as a dress I can chuck it over a soggy swimming costume to walk home from the beach and it doesn’t show embarrassing damp patches. Plus it dries in the sun in minutes.

The pattern was sent to me by Simplicity along with 1610, which I blogged here  and here. I had noticed a gap in my me-made wardrobe and when they offered me a pattern to try I mentioned to them that I needed maxi dresses.  They very generously sent me both patterns, plus the one I gave away here.  I immediately thought of this fabric for 1612 but l had a couple of other projects on the go and it got bumped down the queue.  However when this challenge was announced it was the perfect opportunity.

We took photos at Whitstable castle. There is a great little park there for the kids and the gardens have been awarded a Green Flag Award.  They do some cool stuff there in the evenings too. Tonight there is a Black Tie Open air music event, they also host Murder Mystery evenings and I am dying for details of the Hammer House of Horror weekend that will be taking place there next year to be released.  Unfortunately you can’t see much of the castle or gardens in these pictures, I had to resort to bribing the children to take them before releasing them into the park.  If you can see beyond my squinty alien death stare you can see some of the castle here:


And this one was taken in the gardens.  Look how cool the back is. The dress I mean, although the gardens are pretty nice as well. I do love a bit of back detail:

IMG_2611And here:

IMG_2596Ignore my attempt at pattern matching. As you can see it started okay at the top but the centre back seam is actually a bit curved, so that and the stretchiness meant that it is not matching all the way down. Oh well….

This one shows the front a bit better:

IMG_2605 Wavey Boobs! And another one of the back because I do love it:

IMG_2608And look, I have a spot on the back of my neck. And a weird curl. Another benefit of writing this blog.  People were probably staring at my spot all day and I would never have known. At least the spot is centred.  Studies suggest that attractive people are more symmetrical than us mere  mortals,  so my spot must just make me even more attractive  (humour me please…..)
Actually the twisty bit at the back of the dress looks a bit wonky in that one so here is another on my dress form showing what it should look like when it hasn’t been worn to chase small children around a park:


So there you go, my Pantone challenge dress.  And unlike most of my previous Sew weekly Challenges I managed to get it done early. So here are  The Facts:

Fabric:  Mystery synthetic knit from Abakhan. It feels really nice to wear and drapes well, perfect for this dress.  I forgot to measure it before I started but I think it was about three metres long, and it is pretty wide. I used all but a few scraps. However this is a directional print and I also made a feeble attempt at pattern matching, so you could probably get away with less.

Notions: Thread, a short length of half inch elastic sewn along the back.

Pantone Challenge colors: Emerald, Mykonos Blue, Linden Green(ish), Koi

Pattern: Simplicity 1612.  I made view C, maxi length with a twisty bit at the front and an open bit with a twisty bit at the back. Sorry I can’t be more technical but if you look at the pictures you’ll see what I mean.

Year:  2013

Time to complete:  4-ish hours, using my sewing  machine and overlocker/ serger. This is such a simple pattern to make, even with those twisty bits. It is perfect if you need a quick and easy project to get your Sew-jo back or as an introduction to knits. The only adjustments I made were to take an inch and a half out of the centre back seam. Looking at these pictures I think I may go back and take it in a bit more at the side seams.

First worn: Wednesday, taking the kids to the Whitstable castle park.

Wear again? Already have – I wore it today and it did everything I wanted it to. Perfect for pulling over my swimsuit and helping my children collect dead crabs on the beach (what a crazy rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle I lead). I love it and can see myself making more, especially as it is such a quick make.

Total Cost: Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Result!

And because at the moment I only seem to get a chance to photograph my makes after I have been running around in them all day, here are a couple more on my dress form before it got worn:

PicMonkey CollageAnyway, there are loads of us participating in the Sew Weekly reunion, so to see what everyone else has come up with make sure you check out the site, and the flickr group.


53 thoughts on “Sew Weekly Reunion with Simplicity 1612

  1. dandeliondrift

    I love the back of this dress….it is super cute! And I have spots all over me…they are freckles 🙂 A three year old once told me they looked like the skin of a bruised banana! At least bruised bananas are sweet (I guess).

  2. sewmanju

    Hello this is the third great version of this dress I have seen. I think I may have to get it for next summer. The back is lovely (with or without unnoticeable spot!) and I like the twisty V front.

  3. Emmie

    I love that you bribe your kids to take photo’s, it makes me laugh every time! Drove though Whitstable on Tuesday, and was wondering if I passed your house at any point! Nice dress too btw, lol!

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Thanks! I’m going to have to come up with another way to get photos soon, they are starting to ask for more extravagant bribes. Next time you’re passing let me know and if I’m about I’ll buy you a drink.

  4. wendyparthoens

    Great dress! I love the twist in the back (and the little twist in your hair is pretty cute too!)! I only wish someone would send me free patterns I want/”need”… *Sigh*

  5. Gjeometry

    Lovely dress! Looks great on you and the fabric is another hit! You have the greatest stash of fabrics over there, everything you make is highlighted by the great fabric. I just blogged my Sew Weekly Pantone challenge as well. There’s nothing like having just hours to spare before the deadline, is there? Gets the adrenaline pumping when you wait till last hour. 🙂

  6. Shar

    You have a great talent for matching a pattern to the perfect fabric. This looks fabulous on you! I bypassed this pattern due to the cover art, but after seeing your dress I need to add this to my ‘must have’ list!

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  9. Anonymous

    The dress looks great. I have the same pattern which I am working on for vacation but I lost the elastic guide (or my cat stole it). Could you tell me how long the piece of elastic in the back is supposed to be?

  10. Tammi Johnson

    Dress looks nice. I am making the same dress for my up coming vacation to Maui, but I seem to have lost the back elastic guide. (or more likely my cat stole it) Could you please tell me how long the piece of elastic is supposed to be? Thanks.


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