Spotty Anna – when wasps and children attack…


It’s that time of year when everything accelerates. Summer turned into Autumn over night. I’ve just got out my thick black tights to wear tomorrow and I am starting to see Christmas cards in the shops.   Depressing anyone yet?  And I am back at work with new management and the effort of pretending that I am a mature, sensible professional is killing me.  I am hoping I can keep it up until they lose their enthusiasm and bugger off back to their offices instead of sniffing around trying to be supportive.  More importantly I have realised that it is over a week since I took these pictures and I’ve only just got round to sorting them out.

It’s another Anna of course, but my first with the slash neck and midi length skirt. I haven’t had much luck with slash necks in the past but I love the way they look so I decided I was going to do this properly.  I made a muslin!  I knew I would need to take some in from the neck at the front and back and do a narrow shoulder type adjustment.  I then traced the pattern out again with all my changes added in and made sure it all lined up properly, the grainlines were right, blah de blah de blah.   A pain in the arse when I just wanted to get on with sewing but totally worth it.  Actually I still have a little bit of gaping because when it came to transferring the changes to the pattern I was worried I was taking a bit too much out so I took less than I should have, but I can live with it.   If you want to see how I made the changes  Ginger Makes has a great tutorial here. I did what she suggests for the back and then pretty much the same thing for the front. I just wish I had seen it first instead of having to work it all out for myself on my muslin (lazy cow that I am). I also added side seam pockets. They do add a little bit of bulk at the hips but I wear my dresses with pockets a lot more than the ones without and this one is no exception.

Making the dress was as easy as before. Nothing to report really. I cut it out, sewed it up, job done. Taking photos proved more difficult.

IMG_2654No, I’m not doing the Teen Wolf dance. Wasps. Actually drunk wasps.  That is what you get for taking photos in a pub garden at the end of summer. We persevered but it wasn’t happening:


IMG_2657Okay, maybe I should just try and get some photos sitting down.

IMG_2660IMG_2664IMG_2667My feral child had other ideas.  Standing up?

IMG_2673IMG_2675A  last attempt in the car park before we left…

IMG_2688IMG_2691Look at this gorgeous old car parked by ours. It almost takes your eye away from the clingy grumpy three year old:

IMG_2693So there you have it, Anna number three. I love her just as much as my other two and have worn her to work a couple of times already. I also love my daughter, even when she’s being a little madam.  However if you want to take this post as a public service warning not to mess up your contraception then please do. And I do not like wasps.

51 thoughts on “Spotty Anna – when wasps and children attack…

  1. Helen

    Ha ha ha! How funny! My 3 yr old would do the opposite. He runs a mile when cameras appear! 🙂 But has equally limited patience when the focus is not on him!

  2. Béa

    The three year old is cute as a button and maybe more sewing bloggers should have three year olds as part of their styling.
    The dress is gorgeous, very elegant and classic.

  3. Amy

    Haha you crack me up. Gorgeous dress and great evasive manoeuvres to escape wasps!! I sort of wish you had been doing the teen wolf dance though

  4. Shar

    Such a pretty dress – this is a great pattern and you have to love polka dots! I’m so glad you posted about the front bodice adjustment. I finished my muslin last night and wasn’t sure how to fix my gaping in the front. Your daughter is adorable – the wasps, not so much!

  5. Scruffy badger

    Anna + Taracat = match made in heaven!! Another fab version and I will take note of the muslin stage also for when I finally get around to making the slash neck. Love this midi version. And as always your reality photos!!

  6. Lynne

    Arghh! I don’t like wasps, but your dress is lovely. I can see me having the same problem with the gapping neck, so I think I’ll be using Ginger Makes tutorial for mine.

  7. babygreens

    Lovely spotty frock! I think your three year-old is pretty ace too, gotta love a child with spirit.
    I have finally started my Anna after seeing so many beauties here and elsewhere 🙂 short green and also spotty.

  8. Roisin Muldoon

    Spotty Anna Crew FTW! I am loving how our Anna efforts are totally co-ordinating. And dodging wasps is very necessary, at this time of the year their venom is even more concentrated so a sting would hurt like a bitch. We don’t want that, do we?! Muslining this was a good call – the fit looks great, smart but comfortable at the same time.

  9. sewbusylizzy

    A photo bomber!!! It could be worse I give my daughter my iPhone to take pictures and she flips the viewer & takes shots of herself – although it appears she’s taking pictures of me!
    Gorgeous dress. Love the dots!

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Thank you, and she certainly is persistent. I do think that the qualities that make them infuriating as children are the ones that will probably make them successful as adults, so this one will definitely go far.

  10. Jess

    Love that fabric – I have used it to make a Tilly Miette and a Colette Sorbetto with sleeves. It makes for a classy but cute make.

    Anna look wonderful – you must be chuffed!

  11. Anne-Rose

    Your dress looks great! I made a muslin for this dress, but haven’t moved on to the next stage yet, because the weather turned for the worse over here 😦

    The link to Ginger’s blog comes just at the right time, as I’m working on another muslin which has gapping in the front and I was already wondering how to get rid of it! Thanks!

  12. sewexhausted

    Polka dots are one of my fave prints- and I still don’t have a polka dot dress! This Anna looks nice- I especially like the length you have on this one. And I hope I never encounter any drunken wasps! ~Laurie


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