We shall fight them on the beaches….Vote Colette Patterns


I was a bit late to this, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with blog reading recently, but in case you haven’t heard Colette Patterns have been nominated for a Martha Stewart American Made award. The winner is the company that gets the most votes, you get six votes a day, every day, and anyone can vote as long as they register for the Martha Stewart Site. And if it’s not your cup of tea you can opt out of them bombarding you with emails.

So why should I vote?

If you’re reading this then I guess the answer is obvious. It’s sewing!  Okay there are some other great companies also up for this, but, well, it’s sewing.  It’s ours, it’s what we do, and Colette Patterns support us in this by providing lots of lovely stuff, not just patterns but tutorials, inspiration, competitions….I could go on…

If, like me, you have a memory like a sieve you can sign up for their street team and receive reminders. And there is a button you can add to your blog to encourage your readers to join in and support sewing. All you need to do get your six votes a day is to register using an email address, no big forms, just your email address and your chosen password. And if you have multiple email addresses…….just saying…..

So come on, we have nine days left to show how much we love sewing. You might not think your votes will make that much difference but if we all vote six times a day it will soon add up.  What are you waiting for? Click on the link and cast your votes!

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