Sewing for Autumn – a knit Dandelion.

P1220196So who is that mysterious raven haired beauty? And more importantly, that dress…?

The change of seasons has had me scrabbling around in my wardrobe for suitable things to wear. Added to that the new management at work have introduced a much more conservative dress code. So as much as I love pretty dresses and wild prints I probably should make some basics.  Even though I fully intend to make basics with a twist I am finding it hard to get excited, so to motivate myself I have decided to do the Fall Essentials Sewalong over at Rhinestones at Telephones.  I will post in more detail about my Fall/Autumn sewing plans in another post, but this dress is my first piece.

After my last attempt I am totally in love with the Disparate Disciplines Dandelion dress and I really wanted to make it up the same but in a solid so that the design lines would be more obvious. I am still sewing from my stash so I picked this knit (double knit? I am still a bit crap at fabric identification) that I got from Barry’s at the Birmingham Meet Up for about a fiver a metre.   I wasn’t sure about how this dress would work in a knit but it is pretty stable, not much stretch and I have loads of it so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s not actually as shiney as it looks here, and it’s a medium weight with a really nice drape.  I made a few changes to the pattern after last time.  I took a half inch sized sliver out of the side front neck to reduce the slight gaping at the neckline and also pinched an eye shaped chunk of fabric out of the back, as kindly suggested by Brooke, who made the amazing Star Trek Dandelion dress. The only allowance I made for the fact that it is a knit was to use a ballpoint needle in my machine. I think it has worked.  I didn’t bother finishing the seams because it doesn’t need it, and I haven’t actually hemmed it yet, because I am a lazy cow. Actually I might not bother.

I really like how this dress has turned out. It is ridiculously comfortable, has shape without being tight and is very wearable.  There is a little bit of stretching on the side panels, probably due to it being a knit and me not taking enough care but I can live with that. However after all those fun prints it feels like it’s not the most exciting garment to show in photographs, so I decided to call in my curly haired assistant to model it.

Okay, I borrowed my husband’s Frank’n’furter wig and a pair of sunnies. Needs must…..

P1220202 This Halloween I will be going as Victor Lewis Smith in drag. Or I could cultivate some facial hair and go as Russell Brand?

P1220205I could get used to black hair.

And in case that wasn’t exciting enough here are some action shots, without curls because they kept flying off and scaring the cat.

P1220173P1220220Ignore the pointy nipple action , it doesn’t look this bad in real life, I promise.

You can see the side panel here, going into the dart at the top.  I love the way it adds shape and shows my curves without being clingy or restrictive.

P1220217And the back…

P1220163Yes, there are still a few wrinkles, and I think it may have stretched a bit at the seams. Is this why people use a walking foot? I would love one but can’t bring myself to spend £95.00 at the moment so I’ll have to live with the stretchy bits.  I was also a bit hesitant about pressing as I think my iron got a bit hot and the fabric started to go a bit shiny.  I’ll go back and have another go at making these seams look better when I get a chance.

I will leave you with a couple more action shots. Feel free to sing along with Dave:


18 thoughts on “Sewing for Autumn – a knit Dandelion.

  1. Brooke

    I love it! And it looks like you did a great job fixing the back wrinkles! I think the style will always have a little wrinkling simply because of movement – I noticed that the wrinkles in my version change from photo to photo (’tis the nature of drapy fabrics).

    If you want to give the hem a more visible A-line, hem it. Otherwise, it looks good as is. =)

    Your wig makes me laugh! I have a red curly wig very similar that my mother-in-law sent me (I have no idea why she had it).

  2. Kim

    Great dress! I love the wig 🙂 I’m happy to be able to see the pattern details on your solid version.. As I was wondering about those..

  3. 66stitches

    Love it! I resisted the pattern the first time, but this post pushed me over. Can’t wait to sticky-tape 56 pieces of paper together. I’m glad to see it works so well in a knit. Good for you for being a pioneer!

  4. Colleen

    I love this! I bought the pattern a month ago and have yet to cut it out….I am definitely doing a solid now. By the way, I have a Bernina and the walking foots are just so high priced. I bought one from Ebay which “is compatible” with my machine for about 35.00. It’s perfect and I’m so glad I didn’t pay more. I’m in the U.S. so I don’t know if you’d have the same choices on but check it out!

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  6. sewexhausted

    Look at you! Another great dress and it looks so comfy! And I love the color! This is one of my fall/winter colors. Looks great on you! (And you make a beyoootiful raven haired lady!) ~Laurie

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