Return of the Cat – Grainline Scout Tee Number 1.

P1220299Yay!  At some time before midnight last night I completed 50,208 words of my NaNoWriMo novel. That was basically all I did in November, apart from working and doing essential family stuff. So I apologise if none of this post makes sense, I am feeling a bit drained and sleep deprived. But Yay!

It’s been emotional and looking at the pictures here it is clear that I did a fair bit of comfort eating this month, drank way too much beer and did no exercise. I shan’t be losing any sleep over it, I like my curves and the extra layer of flubber will keep me warm this winter.  (And I wrote over 50,000 words!)  I do wish that when I put on weight it would distribute itself evenly though, instead of sitting on my chin, belly and thighs.  I also noticed that not exercising definitely has a negative effect on my mood, especially at this time of year, so this afternoon I will be dragging myself off the sofa, finding my skates and hitting the roller rink with my girls. Exercise has to be fun or I will find excuses not to do it. The gym bores me, running is okay if I set myself little challenges (and I can find a babysitter) but I absolutely love rollerskating.

Before that though I did manage some sewing.
I decided to ease myself back into it with something simple – Grainline’s Scout Woven Tee. I really wanted to join in Sown Brooklyn’s Wanett’s Scout Sewalong on Kollobora earlier this year but didn’t get round to it. However after looking on Kollobora at what everyone else managed to come up with it seemed the obvious choice for a quick, satisfying, stress free project.

I loved making this.  I think it is the ultimate quick project. I used the last of the eyelet cotton that I got at the London Meet Up, the same stuff I used for my Laurel LBD.  With hindsight I think the fabric might be a little stiff. It doesn’t hang as well as I’d like, you can see how it wrinkles at the back.

P1220306However part of that is because I didn’t allow for the fact that my hips have grown due to a month of sitting on my arse writing, eating and drinking. I will definitely make it again with more room at the hips in a fabric with a little more drape.

The neck was finished with black satin bias binding and to make it even quicker I cut it so that the scalloped edge of the fabric was at the hemlines. A couple of hours later and I had a new top.

Time to for a quick dance to one of my all time favourite tunes for celebrating, and a shameless plug for my old flatmate Len, who produced this version. Not that he needs it:

P1220291P1220295Twerking? At my age? More likely wind.

P1220301Now I’m now going to chill out and do nothing for an hour before skating. I’m knackered…

17 thoughts on “Return of the Cat – Grainline Scout Tee Number 1.

    1. The Amazing Taracat Post author

      Thanks, I was really inspired by the ones from your sewalong. I’m deciding now whether to keep on writing until I’ve finished the novel (but maybe at a slower pace) or take a break. I think I need to keep going, don’t I.

  1. tania@sewitanyway

    Oh. My. God! We’re totally t’internet top twins!
    I made this EXACT same top (although self-drafted pattern) in the exact same fabric from Goldhawk Rd. Scalloped edges as hems, black satin binding… We usually all make one-offs, but I actually like that we’ve both done the same. Clearly we’re very stylish ladies! Or have the same crazy thoughts 😉
    Did it a month or so ago, just not blogged yet. Maybe I’ll just put a link on my site sending them your way… 😉

  2. sewexhausted

    Happy to hear you reached your 50K word goal! Congrats… Rollerskating?! I LOVE rollerskating and would totally jump at the chance to go- but alas our local rink finally closed its doors last year… LOVE the SHOES!!!! And the top of course! Welcome back!

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