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So the winner of the Simplicity 2369 pattern is……….

Simplicity 2369

The trouble with doing giveaways is that I always feel really mean to the people who have made the effort to write lovely comments but haven’t won.  I’m sorry that I can’t give all of you a prize.  However the winner of the Simplicity pattern is ….

drum roll…..

Number 3 !   Drawn at random by my youngest child.
Comment number three was from Karen, who already has the perfect butterfly fabric for this dress.  If you email me with your address, Karen, I will stick it in the post for you.

I have decided to go with the the floral fabric for my version. Now I just need some sewing time to get started on it.


Almost the Ultimate Wrap Dress – attempt no. 1

P1220517I have been wanting to make a decent, well fitting wrap dress forever. I love the idea in principle and I used to own a couple of RTW ones that were okay but it is a tricky garment to get right.  Maybe it’s just my body shape, but I have struggled to find one that doesn’t flap open or gape, and at my age there is only so much cleavage or thigh that you can expose without looking like mutton dressed as lamb.

When I saw the Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress pattern I had to buy it. I mean, the Ultimate Wrap Dress – this had to be the answer.  It sewed up pretty quickly with no major problems, the cotton knit fabric came from eBay but I can’t find it on there now. However I am going to have to treat this one as a not quite wearable muslin for a number of reasons.

Firstly I don’t think the fabric does anything for me.  I am not a beige person. I was convinced there was more red in there but once I’d made it up it was predominantly this plastic doll skin colour that does not flatter me.  Actually the photos make it look better than it is in real life, which is a first.

Secondly the shoulders are too wide.  Easy to fix on my next attempt, but not worth doing on this one.

P1220514P1220504I think once I fix the shoulders the arms will be a better length, but at the moment they are too long. All I need to do on this dress is hem them shorter, but can I be bothered?

The ties and the hole to thread the ties through also need to be higher.  I’m not sure whether to just attach them higher (easy) or try and shorten the whole bodice part of the dress.  The bodice and skirt parts are all one piece so I would have get my head around where to shorten and what would need lengthening to compensate, and of course remember to do the back as well as the front.  Easy for most of you, I’m sure, but as someone who usually bodges the fitting stuff in favour of a quick fix it seems like a lot of work.  However I think it will sort out some of the gaping. And if I don’t sort out the gaping I will have a lot more of these moments:

P1220519P1220520And possibly get done for indecent exposure.

For the sake of decency I have put a couple of stitches in the front to keep it together, but now it pulls where the stitches are so it is not an ideal solution.  I’m going to have to do it properly, aren’t I.

The other issue I have with this pattern at the moment is the facings, which attach all the way around.  I think I made my feelings about facings pretty clear in my last post.  I’m not sure how I can make this pattern without them because of the way the ties are attached so I will need to find a way to stop them flopping out (yes, I do mean the facings) by stitching them down securely, as top stitching wasn’t enough.

I realise that all this makes it sound like I hate this pattern but I really don’t.  It was so easy to sew up and I don’t think it will be too difficult to get it to match the picture in my head. Anyway how many people actually fit a pattern straight out of the packet? That’s why we sew muslins first (or should do, I know).  Making this dress has still been a worthwhile experience. In fact now I know what I need to do I am determined to fix all the problems and make it again. I shall have my ultimate wrap dress, hopefully using this pattern. Unfortunately this particular version isn’t it.