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Sew Dolly Clackett No. 2 – Eiffel Tower Simplicity 1610

P1220540A very quick post because, well, I have sewing to do.  This is Sew Dolly Clackett dress number two, and I have at least two more lined up while I still officially have permission to rip off Roisin’s style.  I am totally turning into scarey stalker woman here.  I am also ignoring a large bag of work that I brought home to do over Easter, but it will have to be tackled eventually. After the sewing though.

This is Simplicity 1610, first attempted here, then here, and it is easily becoming one of my favourite patterns.  Check out the V back:

P1220544and pockets:

P1220534The pockets are really clever, you use a yoke piece that sews in then folds back on itself, if that makes sense. It is really easy and looks pretty professional. The sleeves are really cool too, with little pleats at the top.  I didn’t get any close up photos of them this time but there are some on the pictures of the last time I made it. P1220568I used the same measurements as last time but couldn’t be bothered to line it, instead I used bias binding tape folded under. That might be why the bodice came up a little bit bigger this time, but not so much that I won’t wear it.  I would rather this than too tight, as you know I need room to move:


P1220562I’m sure you recognise the fabric – Micheal Miller’s Eiffel tower print, much used by Dolly Clackett herself – for example here, here and here.  I got mine from Fabric Inspirations.  It was a bit more expensive than I am used to but it is really good quality.

So there you have it. Another Sew Dolly Clackett dress. The fit isn’t quite as good as my last one but I have already worn it loads and I absolutely love it.  Right, back to the sewing room….




Whoosh! Bang! Pretty Colours! The return of Simplicity 1610.

IMG_2374 bI do love a freebie, as long as it is from someone that I would be happy to recommend anyway. So when Minerva Crafts contacted me to see if I would like some fabric and everything else needed to make a dress I almost bit their arms off. I’m sure by now a lot of you will have heard about them because of their new bloggers network, which I am really excited about. Personally I have bought from them quite a few times- the dress fabric I used for my Nautical cambie came from their remnants section (which, by the way, is absolutely huge these days, so check it out if you are looking for a bargain,) and I used their stretch bias binding for my Lace Tiramisu.

I almost asked for the peacock print that Roisin used to make her gorgeous Mrs Peacock dress, but then this print caught my eye. Stretch cotton with 7% Spandex and little splats of colour.  Well we all know how I like a print that won’t show stains.  I decided it would make a perfect Simplicity 2444, the version with the collar and no sleeves, as I already had that pattern and wanted to make something I had already sussed out the fit for.

Unfortunately when the fabric arrived I could not find my Simplicity 2444 anywhere. I was impatient to get started so I decided to go for plan B.  Simplicity 1610.  Last time I made the halter neck maxi version and it was pretty straightforward. This time I decided to make the knee length version with little pleated sleeves and pockets.

PicMonkey CollageIt looks a bit rumpled here, I took pictures after I had been wearing the dress all evening, but you can see the gorgeous little pleats. Unfortunately seeing these pictures I realise I didn’t get them lined up properly, but I didn’t notice in real life so I can live with it. Actually I had a bit of a love hate relationship with these sleeves. I love how they look. I hated attaching them to the bodice. There is a corner, for God’s sake, that you have to lift the presser foot and pivot round then either snip (I figured this out after my fourth attempt) or try and manouevre round, over loads of bunched up fabric without getting puckers. As I said, it took me four attempts and much swearing.  Despite that the fabric was an absolute dream to sew with. I thought the stretch might complicate things but being mainly cotton it did everything I wanted it to, apart from that bloody sleeve insertion, and that wasn’t because of the fabric.  And I cut a size 12 going from an 8 at the shoulders but I took a lot in so I could probably have got away with an 8 going into a 10.

So how does she look?  I started off with photos in the house with the self timer as Mr T can be a contrary sod and I couldn’t be sure I’d be able to persuade him to take any decent photos.

P1210906I think the under bust wrinkle is just because I wasn’t standing up straight. I have terrible posture. I probably should have done a narrow shoulder adjustment to prevent that slight gaping at the front but I’d already cut this out by the time I discovered them.

P1210931Yes, I should have Ironed the hem but I was in a rush to get photos done before we went out.

P1210923The back view, with the adorable V back. I do love a bit of back detail. And once again I managed to wriggle into and out of it without a zip. I don’t know if I am abnormally bendy, or it’s my narrow shoulders and back that help but I always baste up the back of my dresses before adding a zip just to see if I need one, and it is amazing how often I don’t. And I’m afraid I didn’t even attempt pattern matching with this random splattery print. Life’s too short…

P1210940Did I mention that we were on our way down to the beach to see the Grotter lighting and fireworks that mark the end of the Oyster Festival? So this is my attempt at being a firework.

P1210938And another go…..

P1210925Okay, give it up. Time to go.

As predicted, the photos out in the wild do not show the dress off to its full potential. This was taken in the Royal Naval Reserve, where we stopped for a couple of pints before the fireworks started. As a result we missed the Grotters. Oh well, there’s always next year…

IMG_2338I’m not sure who was making the least effort, me or the photographer?

IMG_2346Whoosh! Bang! Little explosions of colour! And that’s just my dress.

IMG_2350Here you can see some fireworks without most of them being obscured by my great big face.

IMG_2340We finished up in the Duke of Cumberland listening to Nagasaki 3, (highly recommended if you get a chance to see them) then back to the beach to sit round the bonfire, drink beer and watch people running into the sea in their pants.  Perfect.

Simplicity 1610 maxi dress and a giveaway!

maxi dress dForgive me but it has been over a week since my last post. It was sunny, we had guests and the beers and suncream distracted me from the important job of recording my makes. But I have been sewing.

One of the things I discovered through doing Me Made May was that I need more me made maxi dresses. On sunny days there is nothing easier to wear than a long dress that you can chuck on over a swimming costume and wear about town then on to the beach.  So when Simplicity contacted me to see if I wanted to try a pattern I immediately checked out their long dresses.  I selected either Simplicity 1610, one of the Project Runway patterns, or 1612, a knit dress, and when the package arrived they had very generously sent me both, plus an extra pattern to do a giveaway!

With the temperature rising I couldn’t wait to get started.  I used an African  Wax Woodin print from Empire Textiles.   Six yards cost me £18.00 and although postage was a little pricey it arrived the day after I ordered it. I didn’t use all of it, I have about two and a half metres left, but more about that later.

Anyway, the pattern:

Like all the Project Runway patterns this one is modular, so you can choose from two different bodices, with or without sleeves and cummerbund and with a  long or short skirt. And it has pockets!    I’m looking forward to making up the version with the short skirt and sleeves, I think it has the potential to be as good as the famous 2444.  However with the sun shining I really, really needed that halter neck bodice and long skirt.

Looking at the pattern pieces I was a tiny bit worried.  There are quite a lot of them to start of with. There was no need to worry. Not all of the pieces were for this version (of course – duh).   And this is actually a pretty quick, simple make with some nice touches. I’m still not too good at technical talk but it has princess seams that made it really easy to fit.  You put a bit of elastic along the back on both sides on the seam allowance, which stops it gaping and holds it up a bit more,  and I love the way you make each pocket out of one piece that folds over to also form the yoke(?) of the skirt. I missed out the button loops at the top of the straps and used a pale turquoise button and button hole instead because I was in a hurry to finish before the sun went in and turning those pesky little tubes inside out would have taken too long.

IMG_2190And yes, those pink dots are actually sparkly! They look fabulous when they catch the sun. I lined the bodice with a mauve sheet and stitched up the front pieces to avoid any gaping cleavage incidents.


IMG_2193I’m afraid I shied away from pattern matching. I know I should’ve made the effort but I really needed this dress finished quickly in case the sun didn’t last -I know those of you living in the UK will understand.  And to be honest too much time looking closely at this print was making my face hurt.  Okay, that might have been the sun. Or the beers in the sun. And I can’t possibly tell you my husbands first comment when he saw the dress. Okay, I might if you ask but but I’m hoping he has a unique way of looking at things and nobody else will see what he saw….

After my last zip disaster I intended to move it to the side but I got into the zone and totally forgot until I had already sewn in the lining so I did a lapped zipper on my machine and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s a damned sight better than my last one anyway.

maxi dress eI persuaded the husband to take pictures in the garden. Then when he made me look like an Oompa Loompa I bribed my eldest daughter.

maxi dress cmaxi dress amaxi dress bmaxi dress fAs far as wearability goes this one has passed all the tests. It held up to a day on the beach which ended up as a barbecue and evening drinks. I started out with it over my halter neck bikini then later wore it with my detachable strapped bra with one strap on halter style, because my days of going bra-less are long behind me. As my boobs would be if I did try. There was no gaping or falling down, the bra remained hidden and the print means that any ketchup, beer or suncream stains just blend in.  Result.  I will definitely be making this again in this length and I also want to make the shorter skirt version so watch this space.

Anyway, did someone mention a giveaway?  As well as the two maxi dress patterns Simplicity also sent me a copy of this:

I absolutely love the little scalloped collar on the green one, and the bow on the blue one. If you want to see it in the wild Gertie has just made them both up here and here, and she’s also done a little tutorial on how to do the collar.   And as I love you all so much I’m also going to throw in the remaining two and a half-ish metres of the African Wax print I used for my maxi dress.

To enter leave me a comment below, I’ll give you until midnight next Monday the 22nd July and I’m happy to send it overseas. Good luck!